PeopleTools ATT: The Way to a Successful Future for Your Company Business

PeopleTools ATT: The Way to a Successful Future for Your Company Business

Oracle provides an all-in-one software utility package of PeopleTools application development tools (ATT) to cater to the drivers of application development, administration, integration, personalization, and deployment process of PeopleSoft applications to operate faster. With the help of PeopleTools ATT, it becomes easy for developers, administrators, and end-users to develop, customize, administer, and apply PeopleSoft systems in a manner that is way efficient.

We will walk you through the main functions, parts, setup, installation, usage scenarios, best practices, and advantages of using PeopleTools ATT for managing the lifespan of PeopleSoft applications.

What is PeopleTools ATT?

Oracle Corporation offers a comprehensive set of software products called PeopleTools ATT (Application Technology products). The development, management, and customization of applications constructed on Oracle’s PeopleSoft platform are intended to be improved by these tools:

1. PeopleTools ATT is easy to integrate with your existing systems because it can be implemented both on-premises and in the cloud.

2. High performance and dependability are guaranteed by PeopleTools ATT’s compatibility with a wide range of databases, web servers, operating systems, and browsers.

The benefits of PeopleTools ATT

PeopleSoft applications and data are used by organizations, and provides several advantages for them. Among these advantages are:

Improved productivity and efficiency:

PeopleTools make it easier and faster to design, edit, and implement applications with ATT PeopleSoft. You can use the graphic interfaces, code generators, and drag-and-drop features to ease development and design processes. Additionally, you can automate tasks like testing, debugging, and migration with PeopleTools ATT.

Enhanced security and compliance:

You can prevent misuse and illegal access to your PeopleSoft apps and data by using . You may set up user roles, permissions, and access levels. With PeopleTools ATT, you can also monitor, audit, and secure your data.

Increased flexibility and scalability:

You can modify your PeopleSoft apps and data to meet evolving business demands and specifications with the help of PeopleTools ATT. you can alter the appearance, feel, functionality, and behavior of your applications. You may also interface your apps with other platforms and services with PeopleTools ATT.

Reduced costs and risks:

PeopleTools ATT minimizes the need for manual intervention and outside resources, saving you both time and money. you have a single point of control over all of your data and applications. troubleshooting and issue resolution are also quicker and simpler.

The features of PeopleTools ATT

The several tools that make up PeopleTools ATT offer various features and functionalities for your PeopleSoft data and applications. Among the primary tools are:

Application Designer

A Designer Application is applied for the building of pages, records, fields, menus, and many other parts that are needed to have a productive application for PeopleSoft. To be simple, the Application Designer is able to be used for data structures design, business logic, and the user interface of the applications you have developed. App system designer is a useful tool for code generation, program testing and debugging and application migration also.

Application Engine

You can create and run batch processes and background jobs for your PeopleSoft applications using Application Engine. Application Engine is useful for complex computations, integrations, and data transformations. Application Engine can also be used for process scheduling, monitoring, and management.


PeopleCode allows you to write and execute custom code for your PeopleSoft applications. You may add logic, validation, and functionality to your applications with PeopleCode. PeopleCode can also be used to communicate with other PeopleTools ATT tools, including Query, Integration Broker, and Application Engine.

Integration Broker

Data interchange and connectivity between your PeopleSoft apps and other platforms and systems are made possible by a technology known as an integration broker. Web services, RESTful services, and messaging services can all be created and consumed with Integration Broker. Integration Broker can also be used to route and transform data according to different protocols and formats.

Process Scheduler

Process Scheduler can assist you in managing and running your PeopleSoft processes, such as Application Engine, SQR, COBOL, and Crystal Reports. With Process Scheduler, you can organize, execute, and monitor your processes. Process Scheduler also allows you to view and examine your processes’ logs and results.


You can write and run queries using the query tool to extract data from your PeopleSoft databases. With Query, you may use graphical or SQL interfaces to create simple or complex queries. You may export, import, and share your queries with Query as well.


Security is a tool that you may use to manage and restrict who has access to your PeopleSoft data, users, and roles. Roles, permissions, passwords, and user profiles can all be set using Security. You can audit, monitor, and encrypt your data with security as well.


With the help of the reporting tool, you may produce reports and visualizations using the data from PeopleSoft. Designing, formatting, and distributing your reports and charts may be done with Reporting. You may also use Reporting to integrate your charts and reports with other PeopleTools ATT capabilities, such as Query, Integration Broker, and Process Scheduler.

How to use PeopleTools ATT?

To make the most out of PeopleTools ATT, you have to follow several rules and best practices. These actions and suggested procedures are:

Installation and configuration

Installing and configuring on your computer is the first step. It is your duty to ensure that your system complies with PeopleTools ATT’s minimal requirements and standards. In order to use PeopleTools ATT, you must additionally install and set up the necessary web servers, databases, and browsers. Consult the official Oracle documentation and instructions for more details and instructions on installing and using PeopleTools ATT.

Development and customization

The next stage is to use PeopleTools ATT to design and configure your PeopleSoft data and apps. You must use the appropriate tools and functionalities for your development and customisation needs and objectives. You must also adhere to PeopleTools ATT’s code practices and guidelines. See the official Oracle literature and tutorials for more details and instructions on how to use PeopleTools ATT to create and edit your PeopleSoft apps and data.

Management and maintenance

Utilizing PeopleTools ATT to manage and maintain your PeopleSoft apps and data is the last stage. For your management and maintenance needs and goals, you must employ the proper tools and features. Regular backups, updates, and audits of your PeopleSoft data and apps are also necessary. For further information and instructions on how to use PeopleTools ATT to manage and maintain your PeopleSoft applications and data, consult the official documentation and guidelines from Oracle.


Very strong and flexible PeopleTools ATT software may enable you to manage PeopleSoft apps and data. Moreover, numerous functionalities and benefits are associated with augmenting productivity, efficiency, security, compliance, flexibility, and scalability together with cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the convenient-to-use interface of this software may assist one with easy streamlining and automation regarding creation, amendment, and administration. PeopleTools ATT is a software option to think about if you want to revolutionize your HR technology.